When the player creates a character, they must choose one of eight civilizations for their character: Rome, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, China, Japan, or Korea. Each civilization has different architecture styles, starting commanders, perks, and special units. No civilization is necessarily better than another; each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the player wishes to change their civilization, they may purchase a Civilization Change for 10,000 gems, though this will not affect their starting commander.

List of Civilizations


Starting Commander: Scipio Africanus

Special Unit: Legionary

Glory of the Empire: Increase infrantry defense by 5%; increase troop march speed by 5%; increase food gathering speed by 10%.


Starting Commander: Hermann

Special Unit: Teutonic Knight

Eagle of Germany: Increase cavalry attack by 5%; increase troops' training speed by 5%; increase action point recovery by 10%.


Starting Commander: Boudica

Special Unit: Longbowman

The Sun Never Sets: Increase archer attack by 5%; increase wood gathering speed by 10%; increase ally garrison capacity by 20%.


Starting Commander: Joan of Arc

Special Unit: Throwing Axeman

Chivalry: Increase troop health by 2%; increase stone gathering speed by 10%; increase hospital healing speed by 10%.


Starting Commander: Pelagius

Special Unit: Conquistador

The Matador: Increase cavalry defense by 5%; increase gold gathering speed by 10%; increase troop load by 10%.


Starting Commander: Sun Tzu

Special Unit: Chu-Ko-Nu

Art of War: Increase troop defense by 2%; increase resource production by 10%; increase building speed by 2%.


Starting Commander: Kusunoki Masahige

Special Unit: Samurai

Bushido: Increase troop attack by 2%; increase scout march speed by 30%; increase troop training capacity by 5%.


Starting Commander: Eulji Mundeok

Special Unit: Hwarang

Balance of Yin and Yang: Increase archer defense by 5%; increase hospital capacity by 10%; increase research speed by 2%.


Rise of Civilizations (ROC) - -Beginners's Guide- Tutorial Overview -1 Strategy MMO Game 2018

Rise of Civilizations (ROC) - -Beginners's Guide- Tutorial Overview -1 Strategy MMO Game 2018